Alice Temperley, MBE, is the Creative Director of Temperley London which entered its fourteenth year of business in 2014. Temperley London is an proudly independent British luxury brand and Alice was happy to celebrate the British Isles as her Voyage D'etudes as a native of the beautiful rural southern county of Somerset yet sadly her celebration has transitioned into a plea for help as early in 2014 the area was struck by some of the worst flooding the country had ever seen.

At The End of The Road to Wigan Pier – learning about local pride in my hometown with (northern) soul

Laura Havlin is an arts and culture journalist based in London, for her British Voyage she went home to Wigan in search of her "Northern Soul". Laura explains "Maybe George Orwell set the ball rolling when he painted an unrelentingly bleak picture of the industrial town in his 1937 politically-charged exploration of mining towns The Road to Wigan Pier, reporting to the world not only the ugliness of the area – “…the dreadful environs of Wigan”... However, what Wigan has, that many other provincial towns don’t have is - for want of a better terms - vibe. The birthplace of Northern Soul got soul, and, it wants to remind you of it constantly. "

A Voyage in search of the real meaning of an “Essex Girl”, Essex, England

Paula Goldstein Di Principe is the founder of Voyage D'etudes and a born and bred "Essex Girl" It seemed inevitable that at some point she would tell the story of her home county of Essex. It's arguably the most-maligned 1,300 square miles in the UK. It also has one of the country's most distinct reputations - and probably the worst. She wanted to find the real "Essex Girl" a mythical name that she was born into and kindly referred to by the Oxford English Dictionary as "a name used especially in jokes to refer to a type of young woman who is not intelligent, dresses badly, talks in a loud and ugly way, and is very willing to have sex".

Going Home, Finding something to love in Luton, the worst town in the world and the place of my birth – LUTON

Lou Stoppard is SHOWstudio's Editor and a freelance writer and broadcaster. For her Voyage D'etude undertaken as part of a month focused on the special greenish Isles of Great Britain, she was brave enough to return to "To try to love Luton, the worst town in the world and and the place of her birth". Lou continues to explain, "It's not me being a snob. The Daily Mail called it the town where ‘the rats don't even bother to hide any more.’ Sure The DM is known for hyperbole, but Luton has actually been voted the most awful place in Britain."

Can I learn to love Paris in the Springtime – PARIS

Paris and I have never really gotten on. Voyage D'etude founder Paula Goldstein Di Principe tries to rid herself of her phobia of one of the worlds most loved cities.

A journey to discover the secrets of Mass Performance Gymnastics – North Korea

Marawa the amazing is a world conquering hoola hoop master and can hoop 133 hoops at the same time! She is also a highly intelligent and articulate woman. So when the circus school trained star told me she had secured a visa to the very secret state of North Korea I knew this would be a special scrapbook.