Paula Goldstein

This must be the place, Kittian Hill, St Kitts.

Paula Goldstein
This must be the place, Kittian Hill, St Kitts.

My husband's favorite movie is called Joe VS the Volcano. In the film Tom Hanks ends up on a magical island in the middle of nowhere and is saved from death and drudgery, by true love and some luggage. I was neither saved by love or luggage and my life wasn't in any peril on at Kittian Hill, but it feels like the type of place that anything can and will happen because it's so far from everything.

Kittian Hill's Bell Monte Farm is a luxury eco resort on the tiny island of St Kitts, in the West Indies. Along with it's slightly more developed sister island Nevis,  St Kitts is known for its isolated rainforest coivered mountains and beaches of white, gray, and black sands. Also it's monkeys, in fact the islands are home to more monkeys than people... 

Bell Monte Farm itself is home to a series of literally picture perfect, eco-friendly guesthouses overlooking the ocean - if Instagram did vacations this place would be top of the list. Kittian Hill is a low density, high touch operation, minus the hustle and bustle of porters, children, or traffic. It really is a place to get away from it all, the infrastructure on the island is minimal and the hotel remote, you are unlikely to find any other humans to create a nightlife with. But then, when you have an outdoor bathtub over looking the ocean who wants that anyway?

Companion:  A lover or alone if you need write a novel. No question.

Drink: Rum, all day everyday it was like main export of St Kitts for 100's of years.

Safety: St Kitts is off the beaten path for sure, but crime on the island is minimal and the hotel itself feels very safe from human interference.

WiFi:  Intermittently.

Pack:  Long loose shirts, cotton dresses and ALL the bug spray  - it is very "tropical" here.

Must:  You must take a horse ride through the rain forest, and enjoy the huge ancient trees.

Awful:  This isn't in island with much to do but for the right kind of people that is just perfect.