Paula Goldstein

This must be the Place: The Standard Hotel, Meatpacking District, New York

Paula Goldstein
This must be the Place: The Standard Hotel, Meatpacking District, New York

When I was an assistant at a magazine, I used to dream of the day I would have an OOO message that read, "I'm traveling in New York on business." The editors would come back from trips to New York with tales of late nights at the Standard Hotel:  the roof top parties, the drugs, the sex, the celebrities.

Eventually, after 4,000 coffee runs, my turn to work in NYC came. And...well, let's just say the Standard hotel certainly lived up to my expectations that Fashion Week. Along with my friend Caroline, I managed to find myself dancing half naked at Fashion Week's most exclusive party in a club at the top of the Standard -- with a dubious hot tub, next to Lindsay Lohan, while questionable male actors tried to convince us to go to the after after party (their desired plan resulting in the morning after party).

We lived the dream. No, I promise, that really was our 21 year old dream. Yes, I do realize we were deluded.

In the intervening years, as I have matured, so has the Standard. It's no longer synonymous with less-than-standard sex (they got in a little bit of trouble for the pornographic viewing their windows gave to families on the High Line).

Nowadays, I see the Standard as more of a well-located spot with giant bathtubs and a good bar. A place where you are still likely to bump into a celebrity or Style Bible editor in the lobby, but also a spot frequented by well-traveled Europeans. A place where you are as likely to see a toddler tucking into a blueberry pancake at breakfast as a hungover rock star nursing a diet coke.


Companion:  The 2018 Standard works for all guests, but those with kids might want to look for lower rooms to avoid rooftop noise.

Drink:  Vodka from the bottle (JK...kinda).

Safety: Even in its wildest moments, I have never felt unsafe at the Standard. It's run in a proper "service first" inclusive American way.

Mini Bathroom Products:  On last check, they were Standard's own brand, which keep you clean but certainly won't give you fresh-out-of-the-salon hair. Bring your own conditioner.

WiFi:  Yes, it's America.

Pack:  An Alexander Wang t-shirt, expensive boots, and a pair of perfect jeans (yes, they must be perfect, as that is the cool-kid NY uniform).

Must:  You must have drinks at their penthouse lounge, The Top of the Standard. It has some of the best views in the city. 

Awful:  It's kinda expensive for what it is, on a purely room-by-room basis.