Paula Goldstein

This Must Be the Place - Treebones Resort

Paula Goldstein
This Must Be the Place - Treebones Resort

Treebones Resort in Big Sur is the very definition of California Dreaming: this compound of yurts overlooking the deep blue Pacific Ocean is more than just luxe camping. For everyone who has been, Big Sur holds a special sort of magic- one acknowledged by Native Americans for centuries, and now stuck on hats by hipsters to remind themselves of the bigness of nature or something. All eye-rolling aside, Treebones respects both it’s landscape and provides some millennial-friendly creature comforts in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  

So, what’s a yurt, exactly? It’s a portable Mongolian hut-like circular fabric structure with wood lattice frames raised on platforms. Included in your posh tent "yurt" are comfy queen beds, a futon, an adorable little fireplace, and a sink with drinkable water - SO LUXE.

However if you don't have the stomach for be the very clean, very large, but also very public resort restrooms and showers... then this glamping might not be for you.

Anyone who needs to pee in the night should also be warned that your little iPhone light might not be much use against the perfect black night of Big Sur, as you try to make your way to the loo. 

For those who really NEED the instagram shot and don't mind the cold or bugs, or a waiting list, then there is also "The Human Nest" which is literally a nest made of giant twigs that also form a roof, with a futon mattress inside. It does have the most amazing views of the Pacific, but I'm not sure what happens in the rain; temperatures in Nor-Cal can really drop at night, so come actually 'Patagonia-style' prepared (not insta-cashmere-gram ready) if you choose to "nest".

Oh, also- Treebones is Big Sur's go-to spot for Sushi - because, why not?

Companion - Take a lover or your BFF.

Drink - Whatever the hell you packed (I'd recommend something hard out of the bottle).

Safety - I mean it's very safe in a human sense just don't wander off the side of a cliff in the dark.


Wifi - Your phone will basically not work in Big Sur - welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Pack - All the warm stuff you can find from REI and maybe a cool turban, in case you choose not to shower.

Must - You must do some kind of Moon Blessing- it's the law. No, seriously. You must just take a moment to sit silently and really appreciate how beautiful mother nature is. 

Awful - In case you hadn't noticed... I don't love sharing bathrooms.