The Cat's Whiskers - For your carry on.

Associate Editor of Puss Puss Magazine Gemma Lacey shares her top travel beauty picks with us.

The single most stressful thing about vacation for me is working out how to fit all my skincare essentials into that tiny plastic bag permitted by airport security. Realizing that numerous security searches were impacting my time in Duty Free and my stress level I set about condensing my beauty regime to make it travel friendly and now I’m here to share it with you.

I like my face to be clean but I am also lazy, so I love oil-based cleansers because you just warm them between your hands, rub on your face and remove with a washcloth.

This Banila cleanser is my current favorite, I discovered it via that Holy Grail beauty bible that is Rio Viera Newton’s Google Doc . It has the texture of coconut oil, smooshes to a silky liquid and removes mascara in one sweep.

If like me, you love to be one of those pretentious ladies spritzing water on your face throughout the flight then this next product is for you. I adore Omorovicza products and their facial is hands down the best I’ve ever had- they do a special massage which is great because tbh I find it so boring to have people just paint on a ton of masks, and does it really do anything anyway? Anyway their Queen of Hungary Mist is great and looks classy as hell too.

I used to be super meh about toner but then I tried P50 by Biolgique Recherche and now I’m a believer. This wonder product tones and exfoliates and it comes in a travel size- take that security!

Another Gem, from Rio’s Google Doc, you may say ewww but Cos Rx’s Snail Mucin is where it’s at. Just two drops of it will give you glossy, glassy skin and magically blur fine lines.

Now serum, I know it seems like a lot of effort but when you see your holiday photos you’ll thank me. This serum contains a bunch of cool stuff like Niacinamide which IDK what it is but it makes your skin look ace and banishes breakouts. Also my fave is called Shark sauce again available in a tiny trial size and also OMG how cute is the packaging.

Alright now we get to moisturiser, again I’m back to Omorovicza, technically this is a night cream but flying and new climates can play havoc with your skin and this is my saviour. The Rejuvenating Night Cream smells like marshmallow and absorbs quickly to leave you with happy hydrated skin.

Those are the essentials but if you need a little extra TLC here are my tips.

Buy these Petit Fee Snail Eye Patches put them in the mini bar to chill and in just 10 mins they will de-puff and revive tired or hangover eyes.

Sheet Masks are also a travel favorite.

If you have a sense of humor and like to freak out your fellow passengers I like these ones Just think of the person next to you, one minute there’s a demure lady in seat 23G, the next a weird looking tiger- what fun!

If you take yourself a little more seriously though, these SKII masks are raved about and deliver a powerful punch.

That’s my stash for you and with careful packing it will also fit in one of those pesky plastic bags. Bon Voyage!