Paula Goldstein

PM's, DM's, and Wassap with St Tropez

Paula Goldstein
PM's, DM's, and Wassap with St Tropez

(The following is a verbatim transcription of a texual conversation between photographer Amanda Charchian and Paula Goldstein. Bad grammar and autocorrects withstanding.)

Paula - So how was St Tropez?

Looks Lush?

Amanda - I don't know what to say?

Except the men here are ridiculous

They all wear straw fedoras and linen pants with massive Hermes belts and embroidered Gucci loafers

It's funny

And that you have to be really rich to even be here

And that getting on a yacht means you have to entertain the most sleezy 50 year old man

Paula - Lol 

Amanda - And we tried to go to a "young place" but it was just that weird throw back singer Christina Milian in daisy duke shorts with her hair dripping in champagne on the table.


And these guys came up to us and were like "you guys look out of place"

"Are you bored" 

Haha because we didn't look desperate 

Paula - Um Cool

Amanda - I mean I guess Jay Z and Beyonce love it?

Paula - So is it worth going to St Trop if you don't want to hook up with a sugar daddy?

Amanda - Well honestly who doesn't want a sugar daddy? 

I just don't want a really gross one.