Paula Goldstein

An hour to spare on Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

Paula Goldstein
An hour to spare on Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

As a new Angeleno you need to get used to filling time. It's not a city where you pop places, you plan your day around places centering your entire activities there. In LA going to buy stamps can take two hours. You also get used to being a kinda airhead from Clueless and throwing around the word valet, saying like far too much, "like, I was soooo busy today I had 1 meeting and went to Target".

However I was not born a Californian and I'm not entirely chill about this slow burn, so I'm constantly looking for hacks to do more in the same place at the same time. I'm also a working mother so one hour of me time is going to be spent in the most self indulgent way possible. 

With this in mind I found myself on Beverly Blvd with an hour between meetings and in a city of slow there's thankfully been a recent trend for quick fixes which brings me to my first stop - Skin Laundry.

Since moving here, sun and lack of sleep thanks to a 10 month old baby mean I have aged about 100 years. And Skin Laundry is a Uber fast laser facial. Like Uber it's super convenient and a bit of luxury and it's certainly not relaxing. You pop in, sign your name on an i-Pad wipe then your makeup off (in public) and wait to be escorted into a room by a nurse.

The lovely trained woman asks you some questions about your skin, gives you a pair of sun-bed goggles and gets to work with her gentle laser. To me it feels a little like someone flicking an elastic band against your skin, which I'm kinda into... and it also makes a burning smell (which is apparently the bacteria getting burned off). Which I find oddly satisfying. It's followed up by covering your face in goo and then they start with IPL which is apparently "photorejuvenation then causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines." They then scrape off the goo, moisturize you and send you on your way.

This takes 20 mins from walking in to walking out. And I think it works because a red dot on my head is fading and I feel less lined after.

Then I hop in my car for a literal 4 minutes. Because its a 30 minute walk and this is LA. 

And I end up at The NOW, which is a holistic massage spot. Unlike your average spa where they take 20 minutes just to get you in a robe they are super swift. You walk in with i-Pad sign in (again) and three minutes later you are in a little linen den on a bed listening to womb sounds. I get the STRETCH, a 25 minute version - which isn't for the faint hearted they literally stretch you, like pull your legs up to meet your chin, and manually stretch out your neck, sounds like torture but it's exactly what my "breastfeeders back" needs. You can get all sorts of peaceful mind body and soul options but I ain't got time for that. They hand me a glass of water...And I'm out.

1 minute to spare to get my car... of the hour. It obviously takes 10 but this is LA so it's ok if you are 10 minutes late. Right?!