Paula Goldstein

Possibly Fashion's most well travelled woman, on the 10 things you need to pack on a work trip.

Paula Goldstein
Possibly Fashion's most well travelled woman, on the 10 things you need to pack on a work trip.

A native of South Side Chicago, Stephanie Horton is, in a word, capable. Frighteningly so. Now living in NYC, she is unshakeably put together and unflinchingly hard working; a combination that has made her one of the most sought-after marketers in the fashion world.

Let's just say that I'm beyond grateful that she is my friend and not my boss, as I don't think I could keep up. 

However, when Alexander Wang's Chief Strategy Officer does slow down (and when I'm able to track her down) she is warm, funny, and a great adviser. Stephanie cares. She cares about her work, her family, her friends, and those women of color who did not have the advantages that she did, which is why she is co-founder (along with her friend Stacie Henderson) of an organization called Fashion Tech Connects.

"We place minority women in 4-year colleges in internships at tech and fashion companies. This is our first year, and we have placed 6 girls around the country:  at Farfetch, Shopbop, Alexander Wang, Stitchfix, and"

Oh, and the other thing I know about Stephanie (in fact the whole point of this article) is the fact that she is exceptional at packing. I have seen her in LA, straight from Hong Kong, about to get on a flight to London for 24 hours... and then on to NYC. I see her instagram from that day, and she always looks perfect. How does one even pack for that much travel? Let alone do a great job? It's a feat when taking that many flights to not look like utter crap.

Here are her quick tips (and yes, they are quick, as she is hella busy):

"My tips for jetlag? Ha. I'm on autopilot. Exercise and green tea are the two things that keep me going."

"Tips for packing? If I'm traveling multiple times in a month, I lay out 2-3 suitcases, and as I come home from one trip I just start with a new case." 

"If I'm going to be traveling continuously, I pack 'uniforms.' 3 black pants, 3 to 4 fitted black/white tops, 2 to 3 blazers, 2 to 3 dresses, 2 statement coats, and 3 to 4 pairs of shoes. Work out stuff."

"When packing for work, I look for fabrics that are easy to travel with. Jerseys, knits, etc."

Stephanie's 10 Must Packs.