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How to start a magazine, with Puss Puss Magazine

Paula Goldsteingirl guide
How to start a magazine, with Puss Puss Magazine

Maria Joudina Robinson is Founder and Editor in Chief of PUSS PUSS Magazine. We caught up with her to ask how she got the idea for a magazine inspired by all the most intriguing qualities of cats and brought it to life.

How did you get the idea for PUSS PUSS?

I love cats and I love magazines so PUSS PUSS is a way for me to combine the two things I love. I also think our approach allows us to have lots of varied stories so we’ll never run out of content.

Your latest issue focuses on Cat People- can you explain what that is?

For us, being a cat person is a metaphysical quality that you either have or you don’t. We dedicate this issue to all the independent thinkers, makers & artists who go their own way, who lead and don’t follow and don’t give a damn about what everyone else thinks, because they have their own vision.

Nice, do you think that’ true of yourself and your team too?

Definitely, we’re all creative people with our stories and inspirations united by the desire to make beautiful and interesting things.

What have been some high points since starting the magazine?

There are so many! When Ai Weiwei said yes to an interview and we went to China to shoot him that was incredible- especially as it was for our first issue. Then there was the interview with Chloe Sevigny when she was promoting kitty. Lastly working with Grace Coddington, we did a launch with her at Colette and then Juergen Teller shot her for our cover. Working with so many amazing and talented people is a dream come true.

What is most challenging?

Juggling work and life! I have a two year old so finding time to do everything can be tough but it’s exciting too.

What advice would you give to someone else wanting to start a magazine?

Be confident in your idea and build a great team, you cant do something this big on your won- there are lots of moving parts and collaborating and building relationships is a huge part fo making something like this happen.

Who would you love to have on the cover?

We try not to jinx things by talking about it but of course someone like Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette would be amazing!

PUSS PUSS issue 8 is on sale now order your copy here

This issue features:

Agnès Varda by Juergen Teller – Rowan Blanchard by Cass Bird – Cat Power by Curtis Buchanan – Adesuwa by Emma Summerton – Empress Of – Celestine Cooney – Bunny Kinney – Adrian Catalan – Carissa Gallo – Hedvig Jenning – Kathy Lo – Priscillia Saada – Joshua Woods – Aurelia Donaldson – Dree Hemingway – Sean Knight – Suzi Leenaars – Morgane Nicolas and many more.

Agnes Varda by Juergen Teller

Agnes Varda by Juergen Teller