Brianna Lance

How to Quit Smoking

Brianna Lance
How to Quit Smoking

Brianna Lance  or "Breeze" to her friends is the archetypal NYC cool cat. I'd always spot her lounging louchely at some downtown spot, taking deep drags of a camel cigarette, chatting with her equally effortlessly cool kid companions like Camille Rowe and Alexa Chung. 

Yet year ago she quit ALL her “cool girl… I don’t give a fuck habits”.

Firstly, Brianna admits she's not really all that cool, and giving up is hard. 

"I think people maybe just confused (my chill attitude) with my long hair. One of my friends gave me feedback that I'm always "in control and zen" and never really vulnerable. Inside I am aflame with cares but I guess my outsides don't match my insides. I was certainly burning the bottom end of the candle and was very wild when I first got to New York. At 19, I just assumed it was what adulthood was like."

So did she become a nun or move to Connecticut? No, Brianna is still living in NY, she still has really good bangs, amazing friends, and intensely strong style.

She just no longer eats sugar, drinks, or smokes...

And so here is Brianna Lance's Girls Guide on: How to quit.



Hang on to your beliefs. I became a vegetarian when I was 12 simply because I didn't want to eat animals. I didn't want to consume death I guess. That sounds so preachy but it's really just how I felt for myself.



Treat your body holistically.

Drinking and the other nonsense I gave up because it became unbelievably destructive for me. I became in love with escape, but if you keep running eventually you tire out.

For example I was under a bit too much stress in 2016 and not taking care of myself. I ended up giving myself a thyroid imbalance so I quit sugar and gluten too, because I don't like taking medicine and the natural route to correct the problem, both for my body and soul.



Prove the fuckers wrong. (I quit) smoking because I had an ex boyfriend bother me to do it, to the point I just wanted him to shut up about it.



Go to a hypnotist. That is all. I couldn't have done it without that. Smoking was the hardest thing for me to quit. Just because it's the one thing I gave up that I truly loved doing.

Finally always remember the hardest thing about giving up is giving up. I think feeling like you’re losing your identity. I have always liked to do something "bad for me." And readjusting my idea of who I am was very difficult. I gave up all my vices, and it honestly made me question if I had lost the essence of who I was. Truly being okay with who you are all the time is a big challenge.

And when you succeed, don't be a dick. To be totally honest, I don't really preach to people. If you are honest about your motivation for anything, then I can understand it. The only thing that bothers me is people who feel virtuous in their not quitting. Anyone who berates me about my choices, will get the same back from me.