Voyage D’etudes main aim is to share stories and ask questions about how we communicate and travel. As part of this we wanted to provide a platform for people to share their stories with each other.

To accomplish this we are working with Swedish company Postify to allow users to take the fast electronic world of the web and use the site send postcards designed by our contributors, that will arrive as real paper objects through the door of whoever you choose in the world to serve as a tangible hello, love letter, plea for help, I miss you message.

Postcards are objects that we keep, collect and treasure so we hope it gives the story you are telling longevity being a momento rather than disappearing like an email or tweet might.

So choose the design you like below and then simply add text, a friends home address and for the cost of printing and postage the online card will arrive a few days later as a real postcard wherever you sent it.