A spiritual renewal and a reminder that is it possible to be free – Burning Man

A study by
Tali Lennox

NAME:Tali Lennox
SPECIALISM:Art / Fashion
LOCATION:Black Rock City, Nevada
MATERIALS:x 12 Photographs

Overview of Voyage D'etudes

Tali Lennox is a British model, artist and actress currently living in NY. She is the daughter of singer Annie Lennox and Filmmaker Uri Fruchtmann, though both now devote most of their energies to charity work and human rights activism. Tali seems to have inherited their creative drive and in her growing work as an young artist is proving to be a real talent. This alongside a beautiful free spirit and a constantly curious nature has made her the perfect explorer.

For me new years eve doesn’t happen in winter, it happens at Burning Man, each summer I go is a spiritual renewal and a reminder that is it possible to be free, live free, literally. Its impossible to describe what Burning Man is like, I can draw various weak comparisons, Blue Planets episode of deep underwater neon fish comes to mind, as does bugs life meets mad max, I kid you not every single place you look is something so absurdly creative, but after a week that becomes your reality. A giant octopus roaming around with fire balls bursting from its tentacles is about as normal as passing a rick Shaw in soho, P Diddy sitting in a giant lady bug in the middle of a sandstorm, Yep, pretty standard There is a strong spiritual facet to the Burn with its loving openness and good energy that makes you feel like you could levitate, its deep, take a trip to the temple and you will no doubt feel that and have a good cry too. No dark vibes, muddy swamps, and overpriced stale hot dogs that are unavoidable at most festivals.  When you arrive at burning man everyone calls to each other ‘welcome home’ because that’s what it feels like, a place where anything is accepted, anything goes, and anything can happen.


Part of Burning man family, Sister Lola, Harvey an old friend of mine, and Ashley a good girlfriend from New York. This is us outside our camps art car disco fish about to head out on a night of electric and frankly bonkers adventures, well prepared with full outfits, the more neon, crystals, colors, and glow sticks the better. As a group at festivals there is such a bonding experience leaving behind your ego and ‘human suits’ in the ‘real’ world you see each other in a totally different way, and a person you have known for 7 days can easily feel like family, last year in our camp of 30, two couples got engaged, and one couple had only met on the playa 5 days earlier!

In Burning Man you can be whoever you want to be or that character will find you and liberate you from the world and your identity and entrapments as you know them, subsequently you are christened with a Playa Name. This picture presents my own burning alter ego: Slinky, she wears a full lame cat suit, slithers and swirls instead of walking, and is something of a cross breed between a Russian Grinch and a Lizard from Mars. Once a year once the sun has set and the lights turn on, I step out of my Tali suit and into my Slinky suit.

In front of the temple with my sister, the temple is the spiritual vortex of Burning Man, a huge wooden structure different each year built without nails or plastic. Inside people make or write down shrines to love ones past, messages they want to share, and things they need to let go. The energy is so powerful inside it overcomes you; many tears are shed, and lots of hugs given. On the final night of the Burn they burn down the temple, and it is the only time in the whole week when all 68’000 burners are silent. It signifies letting go, and the start of a new year.

The Burning of the Man, this year built of a space ship. This has got to be one of the most explosive parts of an epic week, all burners and art cars gather in the center, hundreds of fire dancers circle around the man and spin flames, and the man BURNS. Fireworks cascade across the sky and the heat of balls of fire blankets you. Once the ashes have settled its time to go into another night of unpredictable and always unforgettable madness.

Back to ‘reality’ covered in dust and baring various battle wounds. Already mourning and missing burning man 2013, leaving burning man and going back to another ‘normality’ is always a bizarre transition, things such as using money and wearing plain clean clothes seem alien, and when passers by don’t smile at you or give you a hug you feel offended. To all the locals in Reno Nevada (closest town to burning man and ironically a casino town) we are just a bunch of dusty hippy kids who have lost their mind.


What burning man always reminds and teaches me each year is faith in the positivity of people, during the year we can all get so clogged up with unnecessary negativity, money worries, social status, distrust. But the annual & temporary civilization of Black Rock City tells you that the world has not totally succumbed to living according to these draining and frankly frightening new ‘standards’ we realise we don’t ALWAYS need all the things we have, there isn’t phone reception there and after a couple of hours you completely forget what it feels like to be bombarded by incoming messages and our obsession with social networking feels like a distant memory. On the other hand it shows us the things we need to make us REALLY happy – giving, sharing, loving, dancing, creativity, positivity, letting go, and celebrating the fun of being ALIVE!

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