Naked Alaska – Alaska

A study by
Liza Voloshin

NAME:Liza Voloshin
MATERIALS:X 1 Postcards / X 16 Photographs / X 1 Note / X 1 Object / X 11 Pictures

Overview of Voyage D'etudes

Born in the USSR, Liza Voloshin is an artist and lady of branding, specializing in introducing fashion and food to the Japanese market.  Liza currently resides in her studio in New York City’s West Village where she spends her time plotting world domination and drawing pussies.

My boyfriend has an incredibly close and incredibly large extended family, not so much in quantity but in presence.  The love they have for each other is felt in an aura that glows over them in a magical and completely overwhelming way.  So when Jack’s generous grandparents decided to round up all of the kids for a seven day long trip to Alaska, on a cruise ship, to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, I worried I signed up for a never ending Christmas Party meets summer camp extravaganza.  This trip is about how to find myself in a new family, and to not lose who I am in the process.  And by who I am, I mean my love for painting only female nudes.



This trip has taught me how to love family and accept myself.  I never had the type of big family that got together for reunions or week long trips together unless it was a forced encounter for some formidable life event.  But my boyfriend’s clan, despite their differences, has an impenetrable bond, a human connection that was even more evident when surrounded by glaciers and an open wilderness.  There is nowhere to run but back to the people you love.  I love Jack’s family, and the love I feel for mine is that much stronger, too.

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