NAME:Mohammad Sajid Arghandaiwal
SPECIALISM:Documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer, social activist and peacemaker.
MATERIALS:2 x Objects / 4 x Photographs

Overview of Voyage D'etudes

My name is Mohammad Sajid Arghandaiwal I was born in 19 August of 1993 which is the independence day of Afghanistan too. I am a documentary filmmaker, writer, social activist, photographer and one of many peacemakers in Afghanistan. Over the last few years I have been involved in different projects for the advancement of peace, community development and human rights, within my home community of Afghanistan and Internationally. I took part in peace, human rights and women’s day campaigns with the organization called Pax Populi. I worked with other non-profit organizations in different fields which elicited significant social improvements.

Afghanistan is going through a critical situation and it is our (Afghans) responsibility to build our country and to advance peace in Afghanistan. The three decades of war has completely changed Afghanistan from what it used to be. The war has caused poverty in Afghanistan that some parents have to tell their children to work instead of studying. Most of the kids who are working on the streets are orphans and most of the women begging and working on the streets are widows. Children who are working on the roads and women begging and facing many difficulties made me to start working for them and to be a social activist and a peacemaker in Afghanistan. I have never said “No” to any kind of work through which I can help people. For me one of the most powerful source of bringing a change to the societies and showing the beauty of a country along with showing the problems and difficulties of a country to the world is photography and filmmaking through which one can bring a positive change. From 2008 till present I have been working for the advancement of communities and spreading peace. As a low income person I never had much to help people but I always had the energy of working for them. Even if I were not able to feed the poor people, I would do something to bring smile on the their faces. That is why I started to be a part of many non-profit organizations so that through those organizations I became able to have impact on the societies and to help as much people as I can. And yet with the support of different organizations and with the support of my friends I have helped thousands of people and I am feeling blessed because God is answering to the prayers of some innocent poor people through me.

This is the photo which was taken for the international Peace Day 2012.

Photo of food supplies and some families that I by being a part of Afghanistan sponsorship Foundation helped about 25 families by providing them with one month food supply during July and August in 2013.

My Dream for International Peace Day

This is a photo of me taken in one of the refugee camps during my project in partnership with Solace for The Children. We distributed warm clothes to about 800 people most of them were kids and women.

A street kid who had an accident I took him to the doctor for his treatment.

This is the photo that I liked a lot . I took it in early 2013 in Bagrame refugee camps when I participated in YWC’s (young women for change) food supply project.

While filming the students of ANIM (Afghanistan National institute of Music) on their return from the United States.

Pax Populi — which is Latin for “the peace of the people”  is the people-to-people peacemaking program of the nonprofit organization, Applied Ethics, Inc. Rather than leaving peacemaking to politicians, diplomats, or governmental organizations, we at Pax Populi look to ordinary people — students and educators, businesspeople, people of faith, artists, scientists, and people of goodwill everywhere — to heed the call to help advance peace.


Afghanistan is my country and I have always considered it as my mother which gave me birth in its soil. In 1990s and during Taliban era I was living in Pakistan with my family. After coming back to Afghanistan in 2008 I realized that Afghanistan needs patriotic people with commitment to work for its development and to help it people. By starting working for my people, my love for my country increased day by day and now I am really feeling blessed. Afghanistan by having unique beauty is facing lots of challenges and needs more work for the advancement of peace.

At first I didn’t like studying in Afghanistan but later on when I was seeing people in need as an Afghan youth I realized that if I don’t work for them, if other Afghan youths don’t work for them then who will work? Thus, since that time working for my people and for my country became one of my very first goals. The presence of Taliban had a very huge impact in the minds of Afghans especially those who grew during that era that is why probably there is both hate and love in the societies which needs to be change. There are some people who will think wrong if you go somewhere and take photos or make a film and I think it is not their mistake because they are not capable of understanding how much a photo or a documentary film can have an impact in the societies.

I will continue to my work of helping people and advancing peace in Afghanistan through any possible way. I am very hopeful for the future of my country and I believe that we will have peace in Afghanistan because nothing is more powerful than love and peace.